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Pitcher, Catcher, Softball & Other Gloves in Stock
These special offers are limited to stock on hand, and it is possible that a glove shown on this page has already been sold! Don't worry, if a glove you order is not available we will contact you promptly, and your credit card will not be charged.
12 Rolin BCB-2112 XPT - NEW with Factory tags, but BLEM                  
Rolin BCB-2112 12 Inch, BLEM (Name was removed) - 2 PC closed (L) Web
PRICE: $154.95   *We Pay Priority Shipping!


12 Rolin AKB - XPT - NEW with Factory tags, but BLEM                  
AKB 12.75 Inch, Outfield BLEM (Has a name)
PRICE: $154.95   *We Pay Priority Shipping!


35.5 inch PA-972 REF: XPT5604                  
PA-972 Standard Web 35.5 Inch, Catcher, All Brown, Pre-Oiled Leather Game-Ready
PRICE: $184.95   *We Pay Priority Shipping!


AE-2K 12.75 Inch, All Black with Post Web
PRICE: $184.95   *We Pay Priority Shipping!


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